Third Day - Jesus Light Of The World tab

Ok I figured this out from a christmas album, "imagine." i figured its not online yet
I found a wrong one. So if the Third Day peep did it diff, Well i figured this out from
album ok.  But this sounds better.
HAve fun.
Intro: D A Bm A G D G A


D                  A/C#           Bm  A
The most beautiful night of the year ,
G                           A
All the stars, light up the sky.
        D       A              Bmin       A
And the city is sparkling with silver and gold
       G                 A
from a million points of light,
          G                      A
A reflection of something thatÂ’s deeper within,
       Bmin                   A
just a flicker of something more.


D       A/C#m
Jesus, light of the world,
G                           D               A
Shine through the darkness bright as the day.
D       A/C#m
Jesus, light of the world,
G                   D              A       D
Shine in our hearts show us the way, tonight.



D           A/C#m            Bm   A
Who is this child in the manger?
          G               A
Kings bow down and angels sing.
D               A                Bmin      A
The Lord of the universe has come here to save us,
G            A
A precious offering,
G                                 A
All the heavens above and the earth below,
Bmin                               A
Are filled with the light of your love.



Bmin   A    D   C#m   Bm   A
   A   D

ps. If there is something wrong with feel free to change it.  copy edit it and repost so
will be helped but make sure its right. The lead figure it out.  Its easy starts in
fret 1st and 2nd string..  Make use of your talents and figure it out on your own its ok 
make mistakes... ehe
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