Third Eye Blind - Thanks A Lot tab

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Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998  22:02
From: Joakim Ax 
Subject: TAB: "Thanks A Lot" by THIRD EYE BLIND from "Third eye blind"

This song has a kind of different intro/verse, and it•s kinda hard to play.
I found most of the songs on this album quite hard to figure out. 

Standard tuning


Em D Bm GE-----5--5--5-5------5--5--5-5------5--5--5-5-------------B-----5--7--5-5------5--7--5-5------5--7--5-5-------------G-----0--0--0-0------0--0--0-0------0--0--0-0------------- x2D-------------------------------------------------x-------A--7--------------5---------------------------------------E--------------------------------7--------------x----3-3-3
Intro(w/dist) x2 Verse1
Em D Bm GE----------------------------------------B-----10-10-10-10------------------------G-----11-11-11-11---------------------4-- x4 D--9--12-12-12-12------7------9-9-----5-5A--7---------------7h9--------9-9-9\5-5-5E-------------------------x-x-7-7-7\3-3-3
Intro(w/dist) x2 Verse2 (includes fill 1) x4
fill 1: EmD--4h5p4-0h2 D-------A----------- Verse ends up with A----2-4E----------- E--5----
D G/B G A G E--5---5---5----2--------3----------------- ---------- B----3---3---3--3--------3--7-7b-7p5-7-7b-7 ----------G---------------2--------0----------------- x3 ---------- x1D---------------0----0---0----------------- ----------A------------------2-2-2-2----------------- ----------E----------------------3-3----------------- ----------
Verse3 x4 Chorus x3 x1 Solo(Verse) x4
w/wah E D Bm G EmE-----------------------------------------------------------------B--10b----15--15-------------------------------12------12h14-15---G---9b----14b---14---11-12-11--11h12p11-------------------------14D---------------------------------------14-12-------14------------A-----------------------------------------------------------------E-----------------------------------------------------------------
Bm G Em D BmE--14-14h15p14-14h15p14------------------------------------------------B-----------------------17\15-------------14/15------------------------G-----------------------------16----14/16-------14---11-12-11--11h12p11D----------------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------------
G Em D Bm GE----------------------------B--------14-14b-14-14b1414b14G----------------------------D--14-12---------------------A----------------------------E----------------------------
Bridge A GE--------------------B--------------------G--2----------------- x4D--2----------0------A--0----------2------E-------------3------
Intro x4 (w/bass-solo) Chorus x4
Bridge2 w/eff.loopE--------------- -------------------------------------------B--------------- -------------------------------------------G--------------- ------------------------------------------- x2D--------------- -----------------------------------2b-2----A--------------- ---4h5-5-4h5p4h5--2-2----------2h5------5p2E--3-3-2--3-3-5- ----------------------3-3--3h5-------------
Chorus x2 Ending
Lyrics: verse1 It•s all in your mind, she said the darkness and the light the clock it bleeds for you,but you never got the time in right i woke you up and i slit the throat of your confidence and we laughed in the night, and i felt all right. verse2 All hands on deck boys •cause this ship was made to sink your swabber salutes younow, but i know what he•s thinking i woke you up and i slit the throat of your confidence and we laughed in the night, and it felt all right. Chorus Thanks a lot Thanks a lot don•t even know Thanks a lot Verse3 The clothes she wears mis-fit, and she•s nervous when she speaks her zombie mom and dad live in a separate house of freaks i woke you up and i slit the throat of your confidence and we laughed in the night, and i felt all right. Chorus Bridge I•m the one for you •cause i know all the dirty things you like to do i•m the fear in your eyes i•m the fire in your flies i•m the sound that buzzling around your head. Chorus If anyone can figure out the intro to ÓLosing a whole yearÓ please send it to me. Send comments or corrections to --====================987654321_0==_ Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
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