Third Eye Blind – 10 Days Late tab

Person: John Culbert

song: 10 Days Late

artist: Third Eye Blind

tab: Intro 
Bass plays F
Then Cadd9  C  x2

Verse 1

Bass plays F
Click your heals and feel you come for me..Care free, she's got
something big tell me.
Then Cadd9 C x2
At the ocean, talk back to the ocean
There's no simple way to let you know..Funny how she always cried out:
Then Cadd9 C x2
I got a big surprise, She said:

Chorus 1
F                                 C             Bb      F       
"I 'm in trouble now and It cannot wait"..She's 10 days late. 
            Bb         F        
And boy your life got complicated 
             D                C                     Bb   F      Bb      F
Well I can't wait to see this through She's 10 days late      10 days
X X X   10/     -                       
X X X   8/       -x4
X X X   x       -       
Mute    F
Verse 2
Low ride bicycles go cruising by, I laugh, I don't even know why.
Cadd9 C  x2
Talk back at the ocean.
Consequence and ozone catch a glow, Oh No, Baby 
oh no
Cadd9 C  x2


Stay on an F Chord

Time has come for you to choose
Baby daddies keeps your boo
Many blessings come to you
Baby daddy keep your boo

Verse 3
Your eyes look to me for what to do..I can't lie, I don't know!
Cadd9   C x2
No one's laughing now.. what do I say? You walk away, No don't go
Cadd9   C  x2
At the ocean, Talk back to the ocean

And I'm never going to fade it, I guess you'll always be knowing
you..Knowing you.
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