Third Eye Blind – Sharp Knife chords

Left handed
This song has a wicked taberature, and if you want the full experience I'd recommend 
this version:

But here are some simpler chords if you just want to sing along :).  You can lose the 
capo and just barre at the same spots, but this is how I like to play it.


E     022100
Asus  x00220
C#m   x46650
Bsus  x24430


C#m Time tick tick ticks after me
Bsus My mp3 is out of juice
Asus I wrote a song for you but what's the use
C#m Bsus AsusHow did we get knocked so loose, knocked so loose.
C#m Someone I swore I'd never be
Bsus Who trades his dreams for security
Asus Walks this city blindly
C#m Bsus Lately it's a little hard for me to see
Asus Lately it's a little hard for me to believe
E AsusAnd it's all disappearing
E AsusAnd it all falls apart
E AsusAnd it seems like the ending
E AsusIs a lot like the start
Well nature has its own rules Like gravity crushing me And lies, I'm of the memory Lately it's a little hard for me to believe At least you left a mark on me And I think there's a reason At least there's a sign And all that we call chaos I will say it's by design But I'm just lying
EWhat you need is a sharp knife soul
AsusTo come back down from an all time low
BsusSeems Ive got the only one
C#mI wish I was a sharp knife
ESwing that blade right through my life
AsusCareful, you could hurt someone
BsusI wish I was a sharp knife
to cut! C#m C#m C#m A shiv, C#m C#m C#m A shiv, C#m C#m C#m A shiv, C#m C#m C#m A shiv. The rest repeats these progressions. Hope you enjoy...I wrote this out because I couldn't find any simple ways to play this great song. P.S. You can try different E chords in the chorus (I'm partial to x79900 from time to time, and then x09900 is an complementary A)
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