Third Eye Blind - My Time In Exile tab

Artist: 3eb
Song: My time in exile
Album: DVD 'Hiding Out'
Tabbed by: Silf
Tuning: Drop D

Ive been looking for a tab for this forever so i just figured it out as best i could and 
the most part it sounds pretty decent, any updates would be appreciated tho. Awsome song.


e|------0--0-0-2-2-2-0-----|B|------3--3------------3~-|G|------2--2------------2--| ...basically the verse is just variations of DD|-----(0)(0)~---------(0)-|A|-----(0)(0)~---------(0)-|D|-----(0)(0)~---------(0)-|
CHORUS: Bm A Oh...We have grown E Maybe Iíve overstayed awhile G In my time in exile and Bm A Oh...Time has flown E And the only thing I've learned G I want a life now of my own All the Chords are the same each time the course comes around. As for the "...more than chit-chat we listen to the streets" bit its pretty much the as the verse, a little more creative with the hammer-ons and timing and stuff though. SOLO: its not very long but comes in at about 1:56
Thats about sounds best when you play the open chords from the chorus as follows drop d: Bm: x24432 A: x02220 E: 222000 G: 55500x
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