Third World – 96 Degrees chords

C G96 degrees
Amin the shade
C Greal hot
Amin the shade
Am Gsaid it was 96 degrees in the shade
Am Gten thousand soldiers on parade
Am Gtaking i and i to meet a big fat boy
Amsent from overseas
G the queen employ
Am excellency before you i come
Gwith my representation
Am Gyou know where i'm coming from
Am you caught me on the loose
fighting to be free
Gnow you show me a noose
on the cotton tree
Am entertainment for you
Gmartyrdom for me
C G Am 96 degrees in the shade
C G Am real hot in the shade
like the verse: some may suffer and some may burn but i know that one day my people will learn as sure as the sun shines, way up in the sky today i stand here a victim the truth is i'll never die 96 degrees in the shade real hot in the shade
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