Thirteen Senses - No Other Life Is Attractive tab

thirteen senses - No Other Life Is Attractive

Tuning: Standard: ( e b g d a E )


intro: Am   Em


Am                   Em
When you're landing, do you reach out?
Am                             Em  
They're lining up to shoot you down
Am                Em
Banging your head on the pavement
Am                    Em
And no other life is attractive 
Am                Em
Get your teeth in, sophistication
Am                           Em
Took the road and it got demoted
Am                Em 
The least adapted, drive impression
Am                        Em
At least appearance seems dead

    C             Am                 Em
And soon the most obvious fear will arise
That you die in this life, and there's nowhere to go
    C              Am                 Em
The consequence is eating away at the heart
And I keep forgetting how to write good songs
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