This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - Murder Bike tab

C riffE-0-----------0--------0---------0------0-------------|B-1-1-0-1---1-0-1---1-0-1----1-0-1----1-0-------------|G-0----------0--------0----------0--------------0-----|D-2----------2--------2----------2--------------------|A-3----------3--------3----------3--------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------|
Intro- C x4 C I'm the only boy left in town today. C it's time, I'm gonna leave my burdens down A G I'm on my way to heaven with the devil, he's on my side. C x1 C bicycle, bicycle, you're keeping me sane. C I got murder murder murder murder murder swimming in my brain. A G I know with you I'm never gonna kill again and get the electric chair C x1 G F C G A Na Na Na
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