This Day And Age - Slideshow Acoustic tab

Tabbed by: joe nuts

Tuning:EADGBe   Capo 3

G - 3x0033
Cadd9 - x30033
Em7 - x22033
D - xx0232
Asus4 - xx2233
you were wrong about yesterday 
you never think before you speak 
        G              Cadd9(strum once)
last year thinking you could be made for me 
 G              Cadd9
she said some races can't be won 
     G                   Cadd9(strum once) 
and so we fade with the setting of the sun


G Em7 D

   Cadd9  G  Em7    D                  
and airplanes they always leave the 
 Cadd9          G    Em7   D   Cadd9           G  
ground with confidence and safely coming down unlike us 
Em7      D       Cadd9(strum once) 
we crashed and can't be found

Em7(strum four times then pause)
in the movies 
on the big screen 
Cadd9  G       D(hammer on e)
i'll make you mine 
if this was highschool
or just homecoming 
Asus4   G         D(hammer on e)
we'll dance all night

[verse 2 - same as first verse]
don't let that smile fade 
i wouldn't want to see you hurt like i am 
keep the promises we made 
i know that this will come and go 
but she runs further, further than she knows

you can play around with these chords to figure out the bridge part
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