This Providence - Sand In Your Shoes Acoustic tab

Personally, I love this song. It's easy to play, just listen to it for rhythm and 
Good luck and enjoy!

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 2

h = hammer-on
p = pull-off
V = strum down
^ = strum up

Intro/Verse (for verse, just strum- no hammer-ons or pull-offs)|-0----0-0-0----0-0-0----0-0-0---0-0-|-0----0-0-0----0-0-3-3333-3-3333-||-1----1-1-1----1-1-1----1-1-1---1-1-|-1----1-1-1----1-1-1-1111-1-1111-||-0----0-0-0----0-0-0h2--2-2-2p0-0-0-|-0----0-0-0----0-0-0-0000-0-0000-||-0h2--2-2-2p0--0-0-0h3--3-3-3---3-3-|-0h2--2-2-2p0--0-0-0-0000-0-0000-||-3----3-3-3----3-3-3----3-3-3---3-3-|-3----3-3-3----3-3-2-2222-2-2222-||------------------------------------|-------------------3-3333-3-3333-| V ^ ^ V ^ ^ V ^ ^ V ^ ^ V ^ ^ V ^ ^ V V^V^ V V^V^
Bridge|--3--3--1-----|-3-||--1--1--0-----|-1-||--0--0--2-----|-0-||--0--2--3-----|-0-||--2--3--3-----|-2-||--3-----------|-3-| Well I can't help but feel so lost...
Interlude|--0--0--3--0--||--1--1--0--1--||--0--2--0--0--||--2--3--0--2--||--3--3--2--3--||--------3-----|Falling in love, is easy to do...
Order: Intro Verse Chorus Verse Bridge Interlude Chorus
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