This Time Next Year – No Bed Of Broken Glass tab

		   NO BED OF BROKEN GLASS - This Time Next Year
Tabbed by: Josh (DropD) Defibaugh

Tuning: Most of This Time Next Year's work is written in half step down standard.  The
intro to this song can be played in what I call Eb Substandard in which you down tune
your lowest E string one half step (the finished tuning will be EbADGBe.  Though I am 
not sure about the whole being played like this, the intro you can.  Enjoy!

e |---------------------------------------|B |---------------------------------------|G |---------------------------------------|D |-6-66--10-8-888/13-8-6-66-10-8-88---3/5|A |-6-66--10-8-888/13-8-6-66-10-8-88---3/5|Eb|-5-55--9--7-777/12-7-5-55-9--7-77-0h2/4| It then repeats.
I do believe this is fairly accurate. ************************************ | / slide up | h hammer-on ************************************
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