This Wild Life – Ripped Away chords

** So, this is my first! 
I just pretty much watched the lead singer play it live and 
watched a few covers and just put what sounded right together c:. 
It may not 100% but it's a start! :D 
Questions or comments, just contact me!**

I don't really know they chord names.
So I will just make the names up and show the tabs. 
Hang in there with with me :c

Tuning: Drop D
Tabbed by: ShawnaLovesBmth
Artist: This Wild Life
Song: Ripped Away

G13 A2 E9 D2e|---4---x---2---0a|---4---0---2---0d|---4---2---2---0g|---2---2---1---2b|---0---0---0---3e|---0---0---0---0
Intro: G13 A2 E9 E9 x2
G13 A2Was I lying right through my teeth
E9when I said I was trustworthy
G13 A2I said I'd never ever live this way
E9I'm turning into everything I hate
G13 A2Well I was reckless with your love
E9I know I never gave you enough
D2 A2 E9Well is it all slipping away from me
G13 E9 D2 I can't be anything you want me to be
A2 E9All, ripped away from me
G13 E9 D2I can't be anything you want me to be
A2 D2My heart is heavy and it keeps me to the ground
G13 E9 D2My eyes are swollen cause I can't have you around
A2 E9All, ripped away from me, I can't be anything you want me to be
G13 A2I didn't have the strength to just come clean
E9Feeling weak and hurt it seems
G13 A2That I can never look you in the face
E9Don't have the spine to go to your place
A2 What can I do? What can I say?
E9 After all I pushed you away
G13 D2 If you ever forgive me now it would be too soon
** Yeah! I hope this works c: Also, for the A2 I do this little thing where I play an A7 the a regular A. It sounds pretty cool if you play around with it, but the studio version plays it with just the regular A2. **
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