This Will Destroy You - The Mighty Rio Grande tab

Drop C# tuning.
Really simple song here.

Repeat a lot. A LOT. After this is an ambient bit that I haven't gotten around to figuring out yet. But I can tell you it's based off of the part above. So if you've got a good reverb pedal and a way to do some swells, you can probably figure this part out. That's from 4:55-7:07, for you curious folk.
Onwards to part two! Starts at just after7:07-8:50D#|--------|--------| |--------|--------|A#|--------|--------| |--------|--------|F#|--2--7--|--2--4--| |--2--7--|--6--4--|C#|--------|--------| x3, then |--------|--------|G#|--------|--------| |--------|--------|C#|--4--9--|--4--5--| |--4--9--|--7--5--|Play that whole part 3x, then it goes into:
8:52-10:35 I haven't sat downfigured this part out yet. Sorry.
10:43-endPart two again from above.The only difference here is that after you playthe first part 3 times and go to the last part,you play this instead:D#|--------|--------|A#|--------|--------|F#|--2--7--|-----6--|C#|--------|--------|G#|--------|--------|C#|--4--9--|-----7--|The second part has a rest, then you play thenotes. Listen to the song for the timing.
And that's the song! If you have any additions, just drop them in a comment.
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