Thom Yorke - Clock Acoustic tab

Allright I love this song, and all the tabs i've read are either not correct or not 
SOO I figured it out in full and correct. I'm just going to put down the mechanical part and 
the video on youtube or where ever to get the feel and rhythm.

Tuning:(low to high)E B D F# B E

the higher 2 strings - you can hit them and let them ring out, i'm just not going to 
them in. the only string that needs to be muted occasionally is the low e string with your thumb.

Main Part|-------------------||-------------------||o-----8b------8b--o||o-9-99---999-9----o||--0-00--0000-0-----||-------------------|
Chorus Type Part|-------------------||------------12-10--||o-----8b----------o||o-9-99---99/12-11-o||--0-00---00--------||--0-00---00--------|
Verse 2?|-------------------||------------10-7---||o-----8b----------o||o-9-99---99-9--9--o||--0-00---00-0--0---||-------------------|
The back into verse and chorus with some different little variations like:
thats all there is too it. cool learn!
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