Thompson Richard – Its Just The Motion tab

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From: (Julie Hayne)
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1993 20:18:04

Richard Thompson

(Acoustic guitar capo 2nd fret, Electric guitar in normal tuning,
chords are written in concert pitch)


(3 times.....)|---------------I-----------------------------------------|I|-2-3-3-2-2-0-0-I---0-0-2---------------------------------|I|---------------I---------2-----/9-\2------2--------------|I|---------------I----------------------2-4----------------|I|-4-5-5-4-4-2-2-I---2-2-4-0------------------4-/5-4-2-0---|I|---------------I-----------------------------------------|I
D When you're rocked on the ocean D A Rocked up and down don't worry D When you're spinning and turning D A Round and round don't worry F#m You're just feeling seasick E You're just feeling weak C#m Your mind is confused D D And you can't seem to speak A D It's just the motion A Esus E (use D form on 4th fret) It's just the motion When the landlord is knocking And your job is losing don't worry When the baby needs rocking And your friends are confusing don't worry You're just feeling seasick You're just feeling weak Your mind is confised And you can't seem to speak It's just the motion E D Blown by a hundred winds C#m B Knocked down a hundred times D C#m B Rescued and carried along A D Beaten and half-dead and gone F#m B F#m B And it's only the pain that's keeping you sane F#m B E And gives you the mind to travel on Oh the motion won't leave you Won't let you remain Don't worry It's a restless wind And a sleepless rain, Don't worry Under the ocean At the bottom of the sea You can't hear the storm It's as peaceful as can be It's just the motion (guitar solo) Repeat bridge Repeat 3rd verse
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