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From: (Benet Devereux)
Subject: Re: REQ: Lyrics-Time to Ring Some Changes (R. Thompson)

Time to Ring some Changes, by Richard Thompson

This old house is tumbling down
The walls are gone, but the roof is sound
The landlord's dead, he can never be found
It's time to ring some changes

You earn the money for your daily bread
But the bread's gone up, so you need more money
The money's gone down, better borrow instead
It's time to ring some changes

Time to ring some changes (x4)

The politicians, they look so smug
You say tell the truth, and they give you a shrug
You might find the truth swept under a rug
It's time to ring some changes

So you fall in love with a girl you've seen
Diamond-studded on a TV screen
All the change in your pocket won't buy you a dream
It's time to ring some changes

So you steal a car, and you go for a ride
End up sleeping with some Girl Guide
But everything you do leaves you empty inside
It's time to ring some changes

Chorus x2

 It's not on any of R.T.'s studio albums.. but I was told once that he
performed it on _Small Town Romance_, a live acoustic album. There's
an excellent version by the Albion Band (in that avatar, John Tams,
Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol, Ric Sanders, and some others) on their
_Rise Up Like The Sun_ which is a great album all round, and a decent
one by Spirit of the West on _Early Material_.

Hope this helps.


"If you want to touch the sky
 just put a window in your eye"
 -Coil, "Windowpane"
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