Thought Industry - My Famous Mistake tab

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TAB: 'My Famous Mistake' by 'Thought Industry'

from 1997's "Black Umbrella" album.

Metal Blade  3984-14131-2

Lyrics and Music by Brent Oberlin
Written and Transcribed by Eric Schlelein

Tempo = around 63 beats per minute

First, tune your low E string down to D. Let's rock.

{rhythm figure 1} (clean toned guitar)

Screw yesterday, or two hours back. Because the pubs have kicked me out again, And the Christmas lights make me pissed. I stumble through the snow into a dimestore Nativity Scene I fell asleep on baby Jesus with my boots on Joseph's back. And sang... {rhythm figure 2} (both guitars distorted) (guitar 1)
e--------2--2--------2--2----|--------2--2--------2--2--|B--------2--2--------2--2----|--------2--2--------2--2--|G--------2--2--------2--2----|--------2--2--------2--2--|D----------------------------|--------------------------|A----------------------------|--------------------------|D--4--4--------0--0----------|--4--4--------0--0--------| | |
(guitar 2) Harmonics: | |e-------12-12-------12-12----|-------12-12-------12-12--|B--7-----------7-------------|--7-----------7-----------|G----------------------------|--------------------------|D----------------------------|--------------------------|A----------------------------|--------------------------|D----------------------------|--------------------------|
"Ooh ah la la. Got nothing left to lose. 'Cept my spite now." {rhythm figure 1} Snow has turned to rain while I dreamt I was falling A stick to the ribs can cause the drunken dead So this cop has his finger 'round my neck screamin' "Blah blah blah. Let's see that license. Blah blah blah. How could you do this?" Christmas Eve is a beautiful day to have breakfast in the tank. And sing... {rhythm figure 2} "Ooh ah la la. Got nothing left to lose. 'Cept my spite now." (guitar 1)
e--------------------------|--------------------------|B--------------------------|--------------------------|G--------------------------|--------------------------|D--4--4--4--2--0--0--0-----|--4--4--4--2--0--0--0-----|A--4--4--4--2--0--0--0-----|--4--4--4--2--0--0--0-----|D--4--4--4--2--0--0--0-----|--4--4--4--2--0--0--0-----| | |
(guitar 2) | |e--2--2--2--0--2--2--2-----|--2--2--2--0--2--2--2-----|B--2--2--2--0--3--3--3-----|--2--2--2--0--3--3--3-----|G--2--2--2--1--2--2--2-----|--2--2--2--1--2--2--2-----|D--------------------------|--------------------------|A--------------------------|--------------------------|D--------------------------|--------------------------|
{rhythm figure 2} "Ooh ah la la. Got nothing left to lose. 'Cept my spite now." {rhythm figure 1} Got my spite around to keep me warm for you.
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