Thousand Foot Krutch - Forward Motion chords version 1

Forward Motion
Thousand Foot Krutch
Welcome To The Masquerade | Track 10

Capo 1

INTRO:(Tab - relative to capo): [x5]e|-----------------------------|B|-2-2-2-2-0-0-0-0-0-----------|G|-------------------2-2-1-1-2-|D|-----------------------------|A|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|(Chords): [x3]
| A / / / | A / / / | D / / / | E / / / | CHORUS:
ALet's keep it moving in a forward motion
AIf we can hold on, we can cross this ocean
DThere's no sense in lettin' our emotions
EGet in the way, until the door keeps closin
AIf we sort this out
A DWould we know how
F#m ETo live like we were different
AI know we've both had some doubts
A Dwhether things would come around
EAnd look at us now
F#m E D EI'm not trying to tell you how to live your life, but
AI never thought, we'd doubt
AWhether this world would come
AAround, and work itself out
ABut it's more than a sound
A DIf it moves everyone around
EAre you ready now?
D E F#mI won't be afraid, Your hands they cover me
DIt's so worth it
D E F#mI can't let it fade, my hands are high and raised
D'Cause it's worth it
F#m EI'm not trying to tell you
D EI'm not trying to tell you
F#m EI'm not trying to tell you
D EHow to live your life, but
OUTRO: | D / E / | A / / / | ORDER: Intro | Chorus | Verse 1 | Pre-chorus 1 | Chorus (x2) | verse 2 | Pre-chorus 1 | Chorus (x2)| Bridge | Pre-chorus 2 | Chorus (x2) | Outro Tabbed by: Fuzz Ball To contact me, leave a message on my profile or check my email there.
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