Thousand Foot Krutch – Everyone Like Me chords

Everyone Like Me
Thousand Foot Krutch
Set It Off | Track 1

| Dm / / / | Bb / A / | [x2]

Dm BbI've got a lot going on inside
A DmDon't know if I can work things out this time
Dm BbNeed a little space to clear my mind
ABut I'll be fine
Dm BbDon't slip, it's not always this cold
A DmI'm tired of acting like I know
DmAm I searching for the answers
Bb ANo one knows
BbAnd I must confess
CBefore I take another step, that
DmThis song's for everyone like me
Bb A DmEveryone not afraid to stand alone
DmAnd the lonely
Bb ACan you identify with me
DmThis song's for everyone like you
Bb ACome and ride with me
Dm Bb AWe will not back down
Dm BbWait, it might not be too late
A DmTo avoid the tension we create
Dm BbHow about I turn and walk away
ANo matter what you say
DmIts not a combination
Bb AI've tried to figure you out
DmI'm looking for the confirmation
Bb ASo I can turn this around
GmEvery time I turn around
DmYou're looking for attention
GmYou've taken all the things I've said and
DmThrow them away, drank them away
GmEvery time you show up late
DmYou're looking for forgiveness
DmThis song's for anyone whoever took a chance
Bb AWho started at the bottom to get to the top
DmAnd no matter what you face in this life
BbYou gotta know what you're up against
AIn order to fight back
DmThis song's for everyone like me
Bb AEveryone not afraid to stand alone
Dm BbAnd the lonely
AAnd lonely
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