Thousand Foot Krutch - Welcome To The Masquerade chords version 1

This is my first submission, but I'm pretty confident these are all the right chords! 
Standard E tuning. If you want to play along with the riff, you can just camp out on the 
Bm chord. Enjoy! It's a great song!

Welcome to the Masquerade

BmWeíve got the fire, whoís got the matches?
G ATake a look around at the sea of masks
BmAnd come one, come all, welcome to the Grand Ball,
GWhere the strong run for cover,
AAnd the weak stand tall
BmIím not one to scatter ashes,
F#But thereís some things thatíll,
Melt the plastic
A E G F#Try and dig down deeper, if you can..
Bm GIím not afraid, Iím not ashamed,
AIím not to blame,
F#Welcome to the masquerade
Bm GIím not ashamed, Iím not afraid,
AIím not OK,
F#Welcome to the masquerade
BmWeíve got the power,
Whoís got the action?
GBreak it down till thereís nothiní
ABut a mere fraction
BmOut of the fire,
Rise from the ashes,
GRe-ject ..ya doubt,
AAnd the passion
BmLetís get on it,
Believe, if you want it,
GStep into the realm,
AWhere the real oneís flaunt it
BmCome, back, re-wind,
Another time on it,
GReach out, take that,
AOne off, step on it
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