Thoushaltnot - React chords

Note: This is just what works for me on the accoustic.

Jinx (

Intro: Am

Am GMy reaction, my response
AmI'm a function in need of x
GAsk me questions and I reply
FI'm never first but I'm always next
AmAnd we stare in our eyes
FNever blinking and going dry
AmDo you care more than I
FWho will get the last word?
AmAnd if we trace back the time
FWho began with the first line?
E7In any case it's not mine
AmBecause these days I can only react
Am F CI'll never speak without your lead
G AmAnd I'm your shadow; I react
F CI'll be the gear between your teeth
G AmWhen you're spinning, I react
F CYou are the neutron at lightspeed
G AmSpring me open, I react
F CBut can I find the zero point I need?
G AmCan I change it all and then take it back?
It's so easy to shrink an inch Or is this room growing even more? And it's so easy to light a match When you've been burned once or twice before And when I swing blind in rage I'm in search of the first page And when I sing from the stage Who will get the last word? You're the one who creates All to which I retaliate But can I ever navigate Another path than to react? Chorus
Am F CI'll find where aggression hides away
G AmWhere my own two hands hold sway
F CIt's a bright and beautiful new day
G AmI will act, I will act
FYour reaction, your relapse
COut of love will grow collapse
GSomething somewhere finally snaps
AmAnd I will act, I will act
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