Thoushaltnot – If I Only Were A Goth chords

Left handed
Don't think I've seen this song on here, Just thought I'd tab out the chords for you 
"Wannabe Goths" out there ;D


     Cm   (let ring)
I'd be thinner
I'd be taller

AmGo clubbing in my collar
CmWith skin pale as a moth
FDressed in black, I'd go creepin'
GWhile the normal folk are sleepin'
CmIf I only were a Goth
CmWith my hair up, I'd look fancy
AmLike Siouxsie and the Banshees
CmWith silk or velvet cloth
FDressed in boots, never sandals
GAnd the room would be lit with candles
CmIf I only were a Goth
F CYes, I'd wanna die
G7 CFrom the bottom of my heart impure
Em AmWould I like another clove? Well sure!
D7 GAnd after that we'll go listen to The Cure
CmI'd pretend to be a vampire
AmLike in stories 'round the campfire
CmI'd suck your bloody froth
FYes, the thing I'd be best at
GIs impersonating Lestat
CIf I only were a Goth
In my casket purse I'm toutin' Einsturzende Neubauten (Piano/organ plays this part) And pagan hymns to Thoth BAR CHORDS
FYes, the world would be depressing
GOver death I'd be obsessing
AmAn'd this corpse that I'm undressing
DWould be sexier, I'm guessing
FWith my diet I'd get scurvy
GAnd I'd worship Peter Murphy
CIf I only were a Goth
Thats All guys, very short song But I felt like I hadn't posted a tab in ages :P All credit goes to the band "Thoushaltnot" I just tabbed it by Ear ^_^ Keep Rockin' guys!!
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