Thrash Talker – It Takes Two To Tandem tab

this song is nice and easy

 it's just G D C all the way through, even the chorus

verse 1
G                 D      C
Thers an old bike in the garage
It ain't no horse driven carrige
Its a bycicle made for two
thats a seat for me and a seat for you

I seem alone I feel so down
All i have to do is turn around
you smile at me and everythings alright
'cos im cruisin on my super bike

G      D           C
Super duper wonder bike
with pink tassels and colourful lights
the shiny bell rings it makes me want to sing
Im on my super duper wonder bike

verse 2
Im with my friend and we're on our way
our hearts on fire no passionate bay
as we wave to the passers by
bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye

thee wind is howling i can't hear no more
The seats are luxury no saddle soar
No hill too big no stretch too long
'cos im with my buddy and we're singing this song

chorus(same as the 1st chorus)

verse 3 (start quietly building up to the chorus)
theres a place for your hands, thers a place for mine
Nothin but singing birds and pure sunshine
Whats got two wheels and a basket full of love
my super duper wonder bike

chorus x2
G     D            C
super duper wonder bike
G     D            C
super duper wonder bike
G     D            C
super duper wonder bike
G     D            C
super duper wonder bike

There you go
cheers Ian And Luise for the bike
written by M@ and Tom
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