Thrice – Circles Acoustic chords

This isn't perfect but this is the best way for me to play it.

GmWe talk to much. We talk in circles. Till we're all spinning
Bb Cm EbRound. Reaching for rings. From this merry go round.
Gm BbThe scenery spins. We call it progress. We seen this all before.
Cm EbAll said and done. Leave cups on the floors.
Eb BbWe set sail.
Gm BbWith no fixed star in sight.
Eb BbWe drive by.
Gm BbBraille and candle light.
(Verse) We're buildin' towers. With no foundation. Just stackin' stone on stone. Whatever it takes Mix our mortar with bones. True progress means Matching the world to The vision in our heads But we always change, the vision instead. (Chorus)
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