Thrice - In Your Hands Acoustic chords

Standard, no capo. This is not exactly
how thrice plays it in any way, it's
just a fun way to do it acoustically.
Don't send stupid comments saying
that's not how it's supposed to be.

 -Thanks, enjoy-

Chords: F Am C Dm G|---1---0----0---1----3---||---2---1----1---3----3---||---3---2----0---2----0---||---3---2----2---0----0---||---1---0----3---0----2---||---1---x----0---x----3---|
Intro (X2) :
F AmBound to this couch, I lie in waiting
F AmWatching wind blown memories
Slip past my window sill I
FCan't fall asleep,
AmVoice in my head disturbs me
FWaking nightmares keep,
Am CHave my cries fallen on deaf ears
Am Dm Can you hear me
F Gor am I
CTalking to myself again
AmIs there anybody listening
DmAre you taking this in
F GAm I wasting my breath
C Tell me is the wind in your sails
AmWorth everything you give
DmAre you looking for something
F GFor- give- ness?
CI leave it up to you
AmI guess I'm better off removed
DmBecause this situation's
F Growing too thick
G CIn your hands
Am Dm F G
CCould it have been something I said
AmOr was it something that I did
DmDid I ruin my chance
F GHave you written me off
C Tell me where did I cross the line
Am And can I work my way back this time
DmWill I always regret this
F GDe - ci - sion?
CI leave it up to you
AmI hope you find a good excuse
Dm FBecause I've given about all that I can give
G In your hands
CI could try to count the times
AmThat I've been through this in my mind
DmBut I'm running out of fingers
F GAnd I don't have that much time
F G|---1-1-1-1---3------------------||---1-1-1-1---3------------------||---2-2-2-2---0------------------| - or something|---3-3-3-3---0------------------| like that|---3-3-3-3---2------------------||---1-1-1-1---3------------------|
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