Thrice – Red Sky chords

Red Sky
2005 Island Records
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Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used: 
Bm -    x24432
A -     x02220
D - xx0232G - 320033
F#/Bb - x143xxF# - 244322
Em - 022000 F#m - 244222 Intro: Bm--A-- x2 Verse 1:
Bm A I know what lies beneath
Bm A I've seen the flash of teeth
G conspiring with the
Bm Areef to sink our ship
Bm A the wind's a cheating wife
Bm A her tongue a thirsty knife
G and she could take your
Bm Alife with one good kiss
Chorus 1:
G BmCan you see the sky turn red
G Bmas morning's light breaks over me
G BmKnow tonight we'll make our bed
F#/Bb F#at the bottom of the sea
Post Chorus: Bm--A-- x2 Verse 2:
Bm A I know the ocean speaks
Bm A I've heard her call to me
Em F#m and smiling in my dreams
G Ashe whispers this
Dustin Whispers: While singing Verse 2 the stars retreat behind their veil the clouds are clinging to your sail the storm is coming can you see (Repeat chorus 1) Chorus 2:
G BmLook and see the sky turn red
G BmLike blood it covers over me
And soon the sea shall
G Bmgive up her dead
F#/BbWe'll raise an empire
F#from the bottom of the sea
Outro: Guitar Solo: D--F#m-- x8 Silence: D--F#m-- x2
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