Thrice - Atlantic tab

Artist: Thrice
Album:	Vheissu
Song:	Atlantic
Tabber:	kylegumby(at)gmail(dot)com

First things first: this is in standard tuning, so adjust accordingly if your singer
cut it.

Sounds good to me - let me know if you have issues.  Feel free, if you're doing this
to play the C and B notes on the B string; it'll sound a little better that way.

|----------------------------||----------------------------||----5-4-0---2----5-4-0------||--2-------4----2-------4-2--| (x2)|----------------------------||----------------------------|
|----------------------------||----------------------------||----5-4-0---2----5-4-0------||----------4------------4-2--| (x2)|--3------------3------------||----------------------------|
Also, if you're playing the song acoustic, here's something to play around with that be cool if you can make it sound better than I can. I tried working this out exactly, but pretty rough and I don't have the time (or the patience) to sweat it all out. So this the quick and dirty version - play around with it, it should match up reasonably well a small amount of tweaking.
Hit the natural harmonics on the following frets:|----------------------------||------7------------7--------||----5------------5----------||--------5---9--------5---7--| (x2)|--7-------9----7-------9----||----------------------------|
|----------------------------||------7------------7--------||----5------------5----------||--------5---9--------5---7--| (x2)|----------9------------9----||--7------------7------------|
Incidentally, if you do work the harmonics out then please post it or e-mail me or I'd like to hear it.
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