Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Forever Ends Today tab

Forever ends today solo - Through the eyes of the dead|
Alblum - The scar of ages EP                          |

Tabbed by: Ronny Schubert
Drop C tuning for this song, they sometimes use drop b in other songs but this one is 
c and i'm positive.
The first guy who tabbed this song was Jon Kunz, he didn't tab out the solo though so i 
that i would tab it out. So I tried to email him and i didn't get a respond back to put 
solo in his song, and i've waited for about a week so im just gonna tab it.

ALSO NOTE: In the solo of the song there are 3 *'s, this being because this part of the 
i can't tab out the whole thing cause it's big but in the song it stops at the point 
i stopped on and then it continues through the solo. Hope this isn't confusing for anybody.

NOTE: The first tab part that im gonna do is the (1:09) part in the song which Jon Kunz 
tab out either so i'm gonna tab that part out first.

this continues ...
then this continues after ^ that part at (1:16)
Gtr 1:|------------------||------------------||------------------||------------------||8h7-5--8h7-8h7-5--||---0------0-------| play that the whole time
Gtr 2:|-------||-------||7-3-5-2||7-3-5-2||5-1-3-0||-------|
Solo (1:22)Gave me some trouble at first, seeing that it was kinda palm muted and low in beginning bow i got it. pm pm pm|-------------------------||----------------ph10!----||7h8h9-------7h8h9--------||------777vv--------------|
Play this fast .. (1:24) NOTE: LOOK AT THE TOP FOR INFORMATION ON THE 3 *'S|-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||7-9-10-9-10-12-10-12-14-12-14-15-14-15-17-17-19-21-22|***|-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------|
Continues! ! ! !
The fun part ! !
|------------------------------------||23-22-20-----------18-20-21-18-20-21||----------21-19-21------------------||------------------------------------|2 x's 1st part, 1 time the second part|------------------------------------||------------------------------------|
Well there it is, my version or what i think it sounds like for through the eyes of the a really great band! -------------------- ph = pinch harmonic | h = hammer on | ~ = vibrato | v = a lot of vibrato|
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