Throw Me The Statue - A Mutinous Dream chords

hey there. this might be my favourite song ever. now I am sharing the joy of 
playing it with you. enjoy.

A A-F#-A A-F#

E (F#) A (F#)We could legalise our heads, darling
E BmWe could advertise the piecemeal of our chests
A (F#) A (F#)We could recognise our debt
E BmJust to overstep the costume of our sound
C#m D A EThere's a course that crowns the able intent (woodloodododlllooo)
C#m D A EAny calling and we see how we fare
A Bm E DThings started breeding when we swerved off the page
A Bm E DThe final hour of the juvie malaise was destined
A Bm E DTo sassy violence Watch her slink with her groan
A Bm EOh pity that she cheated, We wasted all this time.
We learn our idols in their homes We watch the eyes as they smile at themselves We tried to understand their smells, Hoah Cuffer solved it only after we get some names There's a course that crowns the able intent Any calling and we see how we fare Things fell to pieces with the space of it all For all the reasons I can barely recall But have to, Refuel the wreckage, stuck in questioning code Dear God I tried to fix it
C#mIt's cut off diamonds, down and then,
ALeft to freeze in the cold
C#m D EHow did we get so dreadful weak? How do we not make a sound?
We scattered neatly into __ routine From all the practise I can barely repeat I watched it The final moments of a mutinous dream Face down in carnal treason We wasted so much time
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