Thunder – Preaching From A Chair tab

Tabbed by: Kengus

Standard tuning

INTRO Am D Am G x2

Am                 Am7/G
  I'm sorry I don't hate the world
F                                  (G)
  I'm afraid that I'm not disturbed
Am                 Am7/G             D/F#          Am/F#
  I'm sorry that I don't do drugs, I hope you understand
Am                      Am7/G
  I can't talk about my life in hell
     F                                  (G)
Or a suicide attempt that didn't go well
Am                     Am7/G            D/F#           Am/F#
  No life of crime, no misery, what you see is what you get

C                        D
  And I don't believe in dwelling on the darker side
             Dm                    G                Am
Cos there's enough bad news on the television every night
C                             D
  So I don't need some little punk who's the latest star
Dm                  G
Telling me over and over again
Dm                      E7
Life's such a drag when you're in a band

Am                  G F                                     C
  What is it coming to when everyone's talking through their hat
         Gsus4           G E7/G#
And we've heard it all before
Am                       G D/F#             D7/F#
  What happened to honesty? The way that it looks to me
   Dm                          G
Is everybody's in it trying to get somewhere
    Dm                  E7
And trying to justify it, preaching from a chair

INTRO (half)

VERSE2 (same chords as above)
Please forgive me if the clothes ain't right
I wouldn't want you hanging with an uncool guy
No flannel shirt and no tattoos, maybe I should grow a beard?
Don't you tell me what I oughta think
Which cigarettes to smoke, and what I oughta drink
Don't judge me by the way I look cos the clothes don't make the man

PRE-CHORUS (same chords as above)
I'm not about to be a slave to a book of rules
Don't wanna spend my life trying to be somebody else
And I'd be wrong to believe in every word that I ever read
You can't fool all the people all of the time
And one man's opinion's another man's lie

The makers of taste will be patronising you and me forever
And it's always been the same
You'll enter the twilight zone if you don't keep your mind your own
I shouldn't let it get to me but I don't care
I can't stomach bullshit, when it's preaching from a chair

(SOLO)e|-------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------|this is the basicsG|-------------------------------------------------|of the solo D|-------------------------------------------------|progressionA|-----0h3-0-----0h3---------0h3-0-----0h3-0-------| play x4E|-0h3-------0h3-----3~--0h3-------0h3-------3h5---|
F G F G Am G/B Am VERSE3 (same chords as above) I'm sorry that I like the sun I'm sorry to say I don't wanna own a gun Cos if my number's up well that's alright, sometime we all got to go So many versions of the world outside Reality is getting hard to find So many people with an axe to grind It's hard to know who to believe PRE-CHORUS C D Don't lecture me, until you know what the truth is Dm G Am Well take a good look inside before you criticise everyone else C D Your jealousy ain't enough of a reason, babe Dm G To justify telling me where I went wrong Dm G So don't try to do it Dm G Cos all you ever do is sing the same old song Dm E7 And no one wants to hear Preaching from a chair OUTRO (= intro + solo, fadeout) ================================================================
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