Thursday – At This Velocity chords

At This Veocity
The City By The Light Divided
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Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Dm   xx0231
F    133211
Bb   x13331
C    x32010
Am   x02210
Gm   355333
Eb   x68886
D    xx0232
G    320033

Verse 1:
Dm FWe were safe now we're paralyzed
DmSuspended in flight
FAt this speed it makes no difference
DmWhere I start or where I end
Bb Dm Bb Dm x4Or if you're sitting in an emergency aisle
Verse 2:
Dm FWe could be dead complete the equation
DmOur names are x and n
FWe have no value in these calculations
DmPlaced on a plane
Bb(hold)pointed straight down
DmTraveling at five
hundred feet per second
BbFive thousand feet
from the ground Chorus:
Am Bb How long will
C Am it take us to hit?
Bb CHow fast until we start
Dm Dm the disintegration?
Verse 2: Beat Changes
Am(all the way) No time left
Just keep moving No time left Just keep moving (Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
DmWe could be safe now forever
GmFalling in the clean blue air
Somewhere between the sun that gives us light
Bb Eb And the ground that puts it out
Dm And we kneel in the aisles
Press our hands together Close our eyes
Gm speak these words so softly
Bb Ebto the blackbox And it goes
Dm"Mother father can you hear this?
I want to thank you for
Gall your sweetness
BbI'm not coming home
Eb Dm G Bb Eb Dm D(hold)never coming home again."
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