Tiamat – Divided chords

Tiamat - Divided
From the album Prey

All chords relative to capo

Dm Bb x3

Dm CThe marriage has gone to my head
Bb Am The wedding trumpets are dead
Dm CReplaced by a static noise
Bb AmSo loud, I can't hear my own voice
Dm CWill those signs lead me out of here
Bb Am Well, just take me somewhere
Dm CTo the plains where angels sing
Bb AmThrough the chime and the clattering
Dm Bb For what it's worth, the truth might hurt you
DmThere's little you can do
BbWhen shadows fall, I will desert you
DmThen that's what you will do
Dm BbFor what it's worth the truth might hurt you
DmWith a tear of morning dew...
BbMy temples born anew
Dm C Lead me inside
BbLead me inside
Am DmLead me inside out of the cold
CLet me inside
BbFeel me inside
AmWhen the seed is sown
DmOur love's dead by dawn
Dm C Bb Am x2
Dm Bb And as the day begins
Dm Bb The sun is soothing my skin
Dm Bb And I am divided
Dm Bb I am divided
DmFor love
Dm C Bb Am x6
Dm C I have to say
BbThat all of this time
AmI waited for someone like you
Dm C You are my dream
BbYou are my dream
Am (Dm)You are my dream
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