Tickle Me Pink – Madeline chords

I know I'm missing two chords in the bridge section, but this is a much more 
accurate representation than any version I've seen on here.

Verse 1

EThere's a girl back I used to know,
Bwho cried herself to sleep every night.
we all knew. we all knew.
EThe only girl who would ever compromise,
Bstrike a deal with the devil to save a night.
we all knew. we all knew.
EShe tried to call me a month ago,
Bto sing me a song that she just wrote.
but I wasn't home,
G#mI should've known that time had taken it's toll.
she had no place to go,
Ebthey found her body,
resting by the river. Chorus:
G#m EOh
BI never said goodbye.
Eb G#mI wish I would have tried.
E BI couldn't hear her cries, as she filled her veins with lies,
Eb Euntil she saw the light.
Verse 2:
EI remember we would hide behind the trees,
Bsmoking cigarettes until our throats would bleed.
Those were the days. Those were the days.
ENever scared, never worried that the summer would end.
Invincible to every short bend.
BWe drove so fast,
thought it would last.
G#mbut time had taken had taken it's toll,
Eshe had no place to go.
EbThey found her body resting by the river.
Repeat Chorus: Bridge:
BYou will be remembered.
BWe still have September.
B C#m EbWe'll see you on the other side.
G#mIf I could turn back time,
E BI'd find a way to remind you
Eb G#mthat somehow you could try to give in and fight the good fight
E Boh you didn't have to die,
Ebyou filled your veins with lies,
My Precious Madeline E , B
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