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Tiger Army – Pain tab

Pain by Tiger Army
Track 7 off of the album "Music From Regions Beyond"
Words by Nick 13

Much respect to Nick 13, Jeff Roffredo, James Meza and all people who contributed to the 
through the years.

Tab by Brian Will (BWill20) for any corrections, comments.

Standard Tuning

The opening riff of the song acts as the main riff throughout all verses and choruses. 
song is quite simple due to this constant beat. I'm just posting up the chord pattern, 
need to listen to the song to get the timing and strumming pattern right.

Verse 1.|----------------------------|--------------|-3-----------------------|----||----------------------------|--5-----------|-3-----------------------|-7--||----------------------------|--5-----------|-4-----------------------|-7--||--2-------------------------|--5-----------|-5-----------------------|-7--||--2-------------------------|--3-----------|-5-----------------------|-5--||--0-------------------------|--------------|-3-----------------------|----|1.regret sits heavy in your chest until sometimes it gets so hard to breathe2.sometimes it just wont go away then you start to feel it'll never leave
|-------------------------------------|--------------|-3--------------|----||-8-----------------------------------|-5------------|-3--------------|-7--||-9-----------------------------------|-5------------|-4--------------|-7--||-9-----------------------------------|-5------------|-5--------------|-7--||-7-----------------------------------|-3------------|-5--------------|-5--||-0-----------------------------------|--------------|-3--------------|----|3.and when you think back on those times it seems so close just beyond your reach4.but the past vanishes like smoke from a cigarette in the night breeze
Then that riff stays when the chorus starts. CH1. please stop this pain, hurt for so long CH2. pain, hurt for so long I've felt this way for so long
Post Chorus Riff|------7~--|----------|----3-----3------|----------------------||----8-----|------5~--|------3-----3----|-----7----8p7---7-----||----------|----5-----|--------4-----4--|-------7------7---7---||--9-------|--5-------|--5--------------|--7-------------------|<< played|--7-------|--3-------|--5--------------|--5-------------------| twice|----------|----------|--3--------------|----------------------|
2nd time this is played, hold the last D major chord. Add a little tremolo. Go straight into the 2nd verse, played exactly like the first, then play the chorus the same way, then go into the solo. 2nd verse: 1. how is it that things turn out this way, what you hold most dear has come and gone 2. since a time that everything was right, and now it just feels wrong, oh so wrong 3. and you still dreaming of a time, when the day will come, that was meant to be 4. and your still dreaming of a way, to reach that place, that you've never been
Repeat, but play the last measure
Go back and repeat the chorus twice, and end the song on the same chord you start it on. should be pretty easy to figure out if you know the song well. I hope this was helpful for all the TA fans out there! FTW and Never Die!
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