Tiger Army - In The Orchard tab

                      Tiger Army-In The Orchard
                         Tabbed By:Mothra

Standard Tunning:e B G D A E A# Dm D# F-6- -5- -0- -0--6- -6- -8- -10--7- -7- -8- -10--8- -7- -8- -10--8- -5- -6- -8--6- -0- -0- -0-
Intro Chords: A# Dm A# Dm D# F A# Dm Under the evening stars i walk A# Dm The smell of cool, damp earth beneath my feet D# F A# Dm On a summer night, In the Orchard A# Dm My car is parked down, side of the road A# Dm Over the mountains, the red moon glows D# F A# Dm Soon the summer will be over, In the Orchard
A# Dm I've been to this place so many times A# Dm Down roads and rows of dreams in my mind D# F A# Dm I'm walking through the trees, In the Orchard A# Dm Still I see it, when I close my eyes A# Dm D# When sleep's about to come after a restless night F A# Dm I go there in my dreams, Back to the Orchard A# Dm A# The seasons of my life, I watched them pass Dm D# The blossomes of spring fall, leaving only winter's naked branch F A# Dm I remember you and me, In the Orchard SECOND SOLO:
A# Dm As the days of youth, slip farther from my grasp A# Dm Still it haunts me, like a song i cant forget D# F A# Dm And now frost covers the ground, In the Orchard A# Dm And when the spark of life is almost gone A# Dm D# The seasons slow then stop, and I'll see spring no more F A# Dm It calls me into forever, In the Orchard A# Dm A# The seasons of my life, I watch them pass Dm D# The blossomes of spring fall, leaving only winter's naked branch; F into forever... A# Dm In the Orchard A# Dm A# Dm D# F This song is very simple when you get the timimg and rhythym down. I watched Nick 13 play this song so I am pretty damn sure the tabs are accurate. This version is in standard tunning; it can also be played in C Em F and G or B D#m E F#; it's played the way I tabbed it though. The solos are easy when you get the slight double picking heard in the song, Nick 13 plays very simple progressions for his solos but still makes it sound cool the way Luther Perkins did for Johnny Cash. I'll shut up now and let you play. Questions or commets E-mail me at Mothra_82@hotmail.com
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