Tiger Lillies - Tiger Lillie Line chords

  Tiger Lillies - Tiger Lillie Line

G C Things are getting hard now,
G CGetting hard to find.
G C Your livers piccalilli,
G CYour kidneys are unkind.
G C Wake up every morning,
G CYou'd lie if you felt fine,
G CStick you fingers down your throat now,
G Cnihilistically inclined.
Am D G C That's the Tiger Lillie line.
G CYou're hungry for the glory,
G COn the radio you'd mime.
G CThe alcohol consumes you,
G CPiccalilli is your mind.
G CThey're feasting at the table,
G C But only scraps and crumbs you find.
G CYou're angry and you're bitter,
G CYour hat is full of dimes
Am D G CWell that's the Tiger Lillie line
G CYou wake up every morning
G CWhen the clock forgets to chime
G CYou go to sleep each evening,
G CWith the whiskey and the wine
Am D G C G CThat's the Tiger Lillie line
Am D G C G CThat's the Tiger Lillie line
Am D G C G That's the Tiger Lillie line
C G C G...Tiger Lillie line...
tabbed by timothio
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