Tiger Lillies - Bank Robber Blues chords

  Tiger Lillies - Bank robber blues

DmWell just out of prison
Dmstreets seem so cold and blue
Gm DmDonít know what to do
A Family donít want me and
A DmIím feeling blue
DmWell walk into a bank and put a
Dmgun to the cashierís head
Gm The cashier presses an alarm
Gm Dmnow the cashier is dead
A DmI fill her full of lead
DmWell have-a-go hero thinks he
Dmknows what to do
GmHe tries to rush me
Gm Dmnow heís dead too
AWell I ainít got any money
A DmI feel blue
DmA policeman walks in
Dmand heís got a gun
Gm I beat him to the trigger
Dm his life is gone
A DmI make for the exit but in comes another one
DmBang bang bang
Dmgo our guns
GmI hit him in the head
Gm Dmhis blood starts to run
A DmI make for the midday sun
DmPolice are waiting for me
Dmmy life flashes by
Gm DmI know Iím gonna die
AIf you got a conscience
A Dmfor me you can cry
DmBank robber blue
DmBank robber blue
GmBank robber blue
ABank robber blue
DmBank robber blue
Dm AIf you got a conscience
DmBank robber blue
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