Tigers Jaw – Jimmy Piersall chords

			     JIMMY PIERSALL - Tigers Jaw
Tabbed by: Mean Mr Mustard
Email: Gotchristo@comcast.net

Tuning: Standard

Great song. This can be for either version; in the split version, the verse uses open 
chords, and the rest are power chords, and the leads are distorted. In the alternate 
version, play them all open chords, and the leads are on the piano. Cheers


|Em   G | (G)   (G) |

Em G Em G Sheltering by asking if she's young too.
Em G Em G I suppose my mind works against you.
INTERLUDE: w/ Interlude Lead |C - D | Em G | VERSE:
Em G Em G Sweltering. Trying something new.
Em G Em G I picked you up. That doesn't mean that I like you.
C GThe weather does strange things to old bones.
C G"I've seen too many winters," he says.
C G C GOutstretched hands feeling sick, inadequate.
I'm shades of what I used to be. C BRIDGE: w/ Bridge Lead |C - Em | G (G) | BRIDGE:
C GI've come to know myself too well.
C GI've come to know that it scares me.
C GLeave who you've become on the floor
C Gby forgotten things you don't need anymore,you're home.
INTERLUDE: w/ Interlude Lead |C - D | Em G | x4 End on G
INTERLUDE LEAD: C D Em Ge|-----------------------------|B|-5-3-----------------3-5-3---|G|-------2-4-----------------4-| x4D|-------------0-2-------------|A|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
BRIDGE LEAD: (on keyboard) C Em Ge|----------------------------------|B|---5-3------------------------3---|G|-------4-0-2-4-0----4-2-0---0-----| x4D|-2------------------------4-----0-|A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
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