Tigers Jaw - I Saw Water chords

Am GI saw water
C F C (He plays around with "G" on the "High E String" during this part) Am G F
CI said, I wanted to break my friends
FBut my dependency won't let me awake
CI like to think that I can work it out some
Am G FBut I just want to be put into the ground
CToday, I needed a break, my friends
FAre climbing mountains and I'm drowning in lakes
CI swallowed water in right in front of her face
Am G FJust to prove that she had nothing to say
Am G FI felt lighter
Am G FI impressed her
Am G F x2
Am G FMy emotions ran unopposed
Am G FI felt just like Brian Jones
Am G FI've never felt that lost before
Am G FI just don't feel incredible
C AmBut me, well of course I liked you
C AmHave time for me, I don't expect you to
C AmI see me, become a recluse
C AmIt's buried, easy to seclude
Am G FI saw water
Am G FI felt better
Am G FWell I woke up feeling unbearable
Am G FWhen I drowned in my swimming pool
Am G FYou thought it was an accident
Am G FI just can't get along with you
C FBut me, well of course i liked you
C FBut me, well of course i liked you
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