Two Worlds chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Tigers Jaw - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tigers Jaw – Two Worlds chords ver. 2

The constant in my empty mind is speed it up
E G7(Yeah!) I can't believe in anything now.
Am EYou don't know how I feel, come on, come on
E E (D,U,D,U)I've been seeing myself a lot.
G7I can't commit, I hate to work, how does the body die?
Am E G7It starts with the lodging in my mind and in listening to nevermind.
C E Am A hearing aid and glasses and coffee in bed.
E G7I want to be a loser forever, man.
EYou ask why I never call you back
G7 EI don't know.
E Am E I split my brain in two, I'm alright
C (D,U,D) C (D,U,D)(Yeah!) I've been in two worlds tonight.
E AmYou ask what it's like to go insane
G7 x3It's nothing goooooood!
G7 E (D,U)
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