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Date: 16 Jan 1996 09:46:15 +0000
From: "Boulton, Nic" 
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Other End of the Telescope (Til Tuesday)

This is on Til Tuesday's 3rd album, 'Everything's Different Now'. Written by
Aimee Mann and Declan McManus/Elvis Costello, Aimee still plays this in her
live set. The below is written as though played in E (at the nut). On the
album, it's in Eb (Eb transposition at the bottom of the page).

        E       B         G#m          A                      C#m         B
Shall   we   agree  that  just  this   once,    I'm   gonna   change  my  life
    Until it's just   as  tiny         or       important      as   you   like

           A                     C#m       B                  A
and   in   time,   you   won't   even    recall   that   we   spoke
           words   that  turn    out to be as thick    as    smoke

A                        F#m                E
               like smoke disappears on the air,
A                         G#m              E
 there's always something smouldering    there

   B                   A             E
I know it don't make a difference to you
but oh, it sure made a difference to me
       C#m    B              A      E
you'll see me off in the distance I hope
             F#m               A   B      A          G#m F#m E    A G#m F#m  E

at the other end, at the other end of the telescope

      E       B          G#m  A                       C#m       B
There was a  time  not  long  ago,  I  dreamt   the   world was flat
 and all the colours    bled  away        and that was th-------at

        A                 C#m       B                A
and in time,  I   could   only   believe  in  one  thing
   the sky was just    phosphorous, stars  all  on strings

A                          F#m       E
 and you swore that they'd always be mine
A                        F#m       E
well you can't pull them down any time


B                      A          E
There there  baby now  don't say a word
lie  down  baby  your vision is blurred
     C#m        B          A           E
your head is so sore, from all of that thinking
  C#m                    A        C#m                F#m
I don't want to hurt you now, but I think you're shrinking    E
                                  I think you're shrinking

        E          B              G#m   A                  C#m      B
You're half       naked        ambition      and  half  out of your wits
and   though your wristwatch    always works  your necktie never   fits

              A                      C#m          B             A
now  its  so  hard  to  lift  the  receiver  up  and  when  I  call
                         I  never  noticed  you  could  be  so  small

                  F#m          E
the  answer  was  under  your  nose,
             A       B        E
 but  the  question  never  arose


         C#m          B                  A             E
you'll   find    me   here    at   the   end  of  my   rope
when     the          head  and  the    heart  of  it  finally elope
you'll    see   us    off   in   the  distance    I    hope
             F#m               A        B            A   G#m  F#m  E
at the other end, at the other end     of    the telescope


||  A   G#m  F#m  E  :||     a few times

last time :   A    G#m   F#m   G#m    E
              4    4     2     1      1   <-- Number of strums

022100 - E
577655 - A
799877 - B
X46654 - C#m
466444 - G#m
244222 - F#m

Possible alternative to the 3rd line of the bridge is :

     B            A        A             C#m
your mind is so sore, from all of that thinking

                                . . . but I think the first one sounds

Transposed to Eb: The album's in Eb, which either means putting a capo at 11th
fret (yuk), or playing it with a capo at the first fret and substituting the
chord shapes written above as follows:

Chord in E   SHAPE in Eb
(above)      (capo @ 1)

E                D
F#m              Em
G#m              F#m
A                G
B                A
C#m              Bm

. . . but I prefer to play it in 'E'! If nothing else, it's fun to run down A
 G#m  F#m  E (5th, 4th, 2nd, 0th frets) at the end of the chorus.  Any
improvements welcome.


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