Tilly And The Wall - Nights Of The Living Dead chords

Very easy. Just play quickly. This is correct.
Into: G
C Well the high school kids they're all fucked up
AmTouching each other, oh my god.
C Yeah and forty ounces was never enough.
AmWe want to pass out in your yard, we want to pass out.
C Dressing in drag your best friend's clothes,
Amwhile boys kissed boys in hotel rooms.
COh and just when we thought we were no longer lost
Amthey kicked us out into the dirty streets of
G Atlanta.
CSo it's Friday night down on North Avenue,
Amwhere the gas station parking lot prostitutes
Ctried to fix their hair in our rearview mirrors.
AmYou know we're just trying to get to the club and shake our asses.
CA caravan of kids, some big old mess,
Amon an old wooden dock, oh we're bored to death.
CWe've got a bottle of wine, a fresh pack of smokes.
AmWe're going to end up screaming about some midnight
Ggarage sale.
C G AmGod, put down your gun can't you see we're dead?
C G AmGod, put down your hand we're not listening.
Dm EThe microphone cut off so we're screaming at the top of our lungs.
next verse is the same chords chorus let Am ring Oh we never were.
C,Am,C, AmI want to fuck it up.
I feel so alive. And I feel. end on C
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