Tim Barry - Tacoma chords

Intro: C G Am F

CIf your lifes about collecting other peoples faults
C AmWell then I've fucked up before Got back up and walked it off
G FIn a house of crumblin brick and plaster walls
C GFeeling my way through the dark and you saw it all
CHey now don't take this as a simple joke
C AmBut it's easy to read a book by a child who pretends to be adult
G FWhos always running at the mouth bout each one as they walk out
C GWhat you don't hear is them talk about you
Am GSo watch the clouds roll in, watch the clouds roll in
C FDon't give me that shit about friends
C G CI've been there for you all alone, I'll never be there for you again
Bridge: C G Am F x2
CIs it wrong of me to complete this disconnect
C AmOr is it strong of me to stumble and admit I've missed some steps
G FMy conscience had grown quiet and my burdens have grown less
C GIn silence I feel most content
CBut I'd take you on, I'd take you any day
C AmTo conflict with you now would waste time and energy
G FSee I'm done with certain feelings and substance lacking fakes
C GI guess life's just easier that way
Chorus Bridge x2 Chorus Outro: F G C Am (til fades)
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