Tim Buckley – Knight-errant tab

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from Goodbye and Hello, 1967


D         C      G    D
O whither has my lady wandered?
F             A     G    F          G
I'll search until I know I've found her

Verse 1:

A                 D        C
One green day she left her wings
G                A         G
And cut away her childhood strings
D                    C        D
But dropping smiles along the trail
    C                       Bm    G
She left a trace I will not fail


Verse 2:

When I catch my sudden maid
I'll deck her out in lace and jade
I will take her to her room
  C                    Bm     G   D
I will take her to her room
           A         F
I love her upstairs
  A            G
I love her downstairs
F     F/E     F/D    G
But I love my lady's chamber

(Chorus, ends on a D)
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