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Tim Buckley – She Is tab

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Song:   She Is

From Tim Buckley, 1966

D / A / C / / / D / / / D / / / (with suspensions)

Verse 1:
D                   Dm
She is the day that gives me time
C                  D
To live and linger love my life
D                        F#m
Till night comes on with sundown scythe
   G                A
To end the pause of pantomime
D / A / C                 D
        She is the day of love

Verse 2:
She is the bridge on which I wait
To watch the river 'neath me flow
All spinning, surging far below
Along the deep and bending straits
She is a bridge of love

Verse 3:
She is the air I breathe entranced
Awake or sleep in storm or calm
A wind to wash my lifted palm
A sky that calls me out to dance
She is the air of love

Bm                     F#m
She is the day through which I walk
G                           A
Toward the bridge where she stands
Bm               F#m
She is the air I breathe to sing
G                      A
She is a smile without demands

Verse 4:
She is a smile that keeps me warm
With matchless laughter, eyes ablaze
A mischief mystery she plays
Upon the flute of early morn
She is a smile of love
C                 D
She is the air of love
C                    D
She is the day....of love

Dsus2 / / / (x3)

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