Tim Buckley – Song To The Siren chords ver. 2

Song To The Siren
(Tim Buckley)
Original Folk version 1968

Intro C#m, B, A

Verse 1:
E BLong afloat on shipless oceans
A C#mI did all my best to smile
E B'Til your singing eyes and fingers
A C#mDrew me loving to your isle
E And you sang
D A ESail to me, sail to me Let me enfold you
C#mHere I am
BHere I am
A C#m B A Waiting to hold you
Verse 2:
E B Did I dream you dreamed about me?
A C#mWere you hare when I was fox?
E BNow my foolish boat is leaning
A C#m Broken love-lorn on your rocks,
AFor you sing,
D A E"Touch me not, touch me not, come back tomorrow,
C#m O my heart,
BO my heart
A C#m B A Shies from the sorrow
Verse 3:
E BI am puzzled as the newborn child
A C#mI'm as riddled at the tide
E B Should I stand a-mid the breakers?
A C#m Or should I lie with Death my bride?
E DHear me sing, "Swim to me,
A ESwim to me, Let me enfold you,
C#mHere I am
BHere I am
A C#m B A EWaiting to hold you
*** The Monkees TV show version featured the song in its original folk song style, with Buckley playing solo with a 12 string guitar. This stands in contrast to the lusher, reverb-filled version present on the Starsailor album. The Monkees television spot features the song in the key of E while the later album version is played in Bb.
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