Tim Christensen - Feel Me tab


Tim Christensen
Feel me

This is both chords and Tabs to the song AT ONCE..!

INTRO:e-------------------|B-------------------|G-------------------|D-------------------|A---5432------------|E-------------------| x2
(easy INTRO) VERSE: (in the verse you play exactly the same thing the hole time as you do in the intro! EASY!) TEXT: I've always been imagine how it is, being popular Nobody ever told me how it is being all weerd! CHORUS (now it's chords) A Bb Stop playing tough guy, cause i control the world A Bb C And when i make some money, you'll be sold! INTRO: VERSE 2: (dont know the text) CHORUS
Guitar Solo:VERY EASY!e11-10-9-8-|B----------|G----------|D----------|A----------|E----------|
THATS the solo, Go to the chorus and end on A if you have some questions mail me at: Nicolaj_leth292@hotmail.com
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