Tim Christensen – No Easy Key Acoustic tab

Tim Christensen - No Easy Key
Acoustic version from Abbey Road Studios (2004)
Tabbed by: Casper Schou
- Capo on the 3. fret (2. fret on album)
- Drop Low E to D
I've divided the song into 10 figures to play on the guitar.

It makes the song easier to play, when separated into smaller parts.

Hope you like the tab, because if you understand it, you can play it
exactly like Tim C does.

FIG 1e|----------------|----------------|B|------3---------|------3---------|G|----0-------0---|----0-------0---|D|--4-------4---4-|--4-------4---4-|A|--------2-------|--------2-------|D|2---------------|2---------------|
FIG 2e|----------------|----------------|B|------3---------|------3---------|G|----0-------0---|----0-------0---|D|--4-------4---4-|--4-------4---4-|A|--------2-------|--------2-------|D|0---------------|0---------------|
FIG 3e|----------------|----------------|B|------6---------|------6---------|G|----0-------0---|----0-------0---|D|--7-------7---7-|--7-------7---7-|A|--------5-------|--------5-------|D|5---------------|5---------------|
FIG 4e|----------------|----------------|B|------3---------|------2---------|G|----0-------0---|----0-------0---|D|--3-------3---3-|--3-------3---3-|A|--------1-------|--------1-------|D|1---------------|1---------------|
FIG 5e|----------------|----------------|B|------1---------|------2---------|G|----0-------0---|----0-------0---|D|--3-------3---3-|--3-------3---3-|A|--------1-------|--------1-------|D|1---------------|1---------------|
FIG 6e|----------------|----------------|B|------3-------2-|------2-------0-|G|----0-------0---|----0-------0---|D|--4-------4-----|--4-------4-----|A|----------------|----------------|D|2-------2-------|2-------2-------|
FIG 7e|----------------|----------------|B|------3-------3-|------1-------0-|G|----0-------0---|----0-------0---|D|--3-------3-----|--3-------3-----|A|----------------|----------------|D|3-------3-------|3-------3-------|
FIG 8e|----------------|----------------|B|------3-------3-|------4---------|G|----0-------0---|----0-------0-3-|D|--3-------3-----|--3-------3-----|A|----------------|----------------|D|1-------1-------|1-------1-------|
FIG 9e|----------------|----------------|B|------3-------3-|------4-------5-|G|----0-------0---|----0-------0---|D|--3-------3-----|--3-------3-----|A|----------------|----------------|D|1-------1-------|1-------1-------|
FIG 10e|----------------|-0-|B|------3-------3-|-0-|G|----0-------0---|-4-|D|--4-------4-----|-5-|A|--------2-------|-2-|D|2---------------|-2-|
======================================================================= Intro: Fig 1 - Fig 2 - Fig 1 - Fig 2 Fig 1 You believe in everything they say Fig 1 You believe that if you come their way Fig 2 It's gonna turn you on Fig 2 You couldn't be more wrong FIG 1 You believe in everything they do FIG 1 You believe that they are telling the truth FIG 2 And they have got it made FIG 2 That's such a big mistake FIG 1 FIG 1 Everything's alright with you FIG 3 But there's one thing you can't do FIG 4 And I believe that is what I want FIG 1 FIG 1 Everything's right on the spot FIG 3 But there's one thing you ain't got FIG 4 FIG 5 - FIG 1 - FIG 1 - [Break] And I believe that is what I need........from you Everybody wants to sing this song Everybody wants to hum along But it's no easy key It's no easy key Everybody wanna join the game Everybody wanna piece of the fame And take the easy way in When there's no easy way out Everything's alright with you But there's one thing you can't do And I believe that is what I want Everything's right on the spot But there's one thing you ain't got FIG 4 FIG 5 - FIG 4 - FIG 5 - FIG 1 - FIG 1 And I believe that is what I need....Oooh, what I need...from you Solo: ||: FIG 6 - FIG 6 - FIG 7 - FIG 7 :|| (Repeat) Outro: FIG 8 - FIG 9 - FIG 1 - FIG 1 - FIG 1 - Fig 10 ======================================================================= This is my first tab. Hope you like it. If you see any problems or if you have any corrections, feel free to contact me at the email below. casperguitar@musician.org
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