Tim Christensen - Prime Time tab version 1

Artist/composer: Tim Christensen.
Album: ?
Tittle: Prime Time.

Intro and verse:

e---------------------------|b---------------------------|g--4---4---4---5---5---5----|d--7---7---7---7---7---7----| 2+4 timesa----0---0---0---0---0---0--|e---------------------------|
Rise and shine - You lazy diamond Now's the time - The time to move on
And re-define 2 times
The sound from the silence I'll shine the light alone 2. verse: Here I am Out of the filter Time to stand With nobodies shelter Yeah I will fine The sound in the silence I'll shine a light alone Chorus: A /c Dadd9 Blame it on my prime time E F D/f# Gsus G Blame it on the star shining on me E F But I hope you will believe me Fmaj When I say Dm E That I am on my way (repeat) 3. verse: I can't tell Where this one is leading But all is well If I keep believing When faces smile Then I'm on the safe side I'll shine the light alone Chorus 2 times (with solo)
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