Tim Hawkins - Hey There Delilah chords version 2

My second set!
Sounds pretty accurate so feedback would be appreciated!

~JD Martinez


Intro: C, Em

C EmHey there Delilah, this is your ex-boyfriend Sampson,
C EmAnd I know you thought that lifting weights, made me so buff and handsome,
Am (Pi E)F G Am G You were wrong, it's 'cuz I let my hair grow long, it makes me strong,
C EmHey there Delilah, you came in while I was sleeping,
C EmAnd I didn't feel you cutting and I didn't hear you creeping
Am(Pi E)F G Am G out the door, You left my hair piled on the floor, while I just snored
C Am C AmOh, it's what you did to me, Oh, while I was asleep,
C Am C AmOh, I'm a Nazarene, Oh, but you shaved me clean,
CDelilah you're so mean
F GI Killed a lion, big and mean, and slaughtered many Philistines,
C AmAll with a donkey's jaw bone, that's no lie,
F GBut now I'm chained up to a wall, and I can't cry no tears at all,
c AmBecause the came and gouged out both my eyes...
F GWhy'd you grab those clippin' shears, and shave my head like Britney Spears,
C Am'Cuz now I'm standing hear in total shame,
GDelilah, you're to blame
Verse 3:
C Em Hey there Delilah, why did you have to deceive me?
C Em AmIt's so hard for me to think, not long ago I wanted you to be my bride,
(Pi E)F G Am But you took too much off the sides,
(Pi E)F G Am Hey there Delilah when you die,
(Pi E)F G Am Just tell the devil, I said "hi",
GHe'll know why
Chorus 2:
C Am C AmOh, it's what you did to me, Oh, Now I'm up a creek,
C Am C AmOh, now I feel so weak, Oh, I look like a freak,
CDelilah, you're a geek...
Chorus keeps playing: C, Em, C, Em, (to end)
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